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We are a "members only" social club organizing parties in Cyprus for international open minded couples, single females and select single gentlemen. Our methodical verification process and our vast experience in the swinger world guarantees that you will meet with like-minded genuine people, looking for a thrilling experience to spice up their sexual lives. If you are just a beginner who only wants to watch and be watched, or a seasoned swinger who goes all the way down, you can surely find your place at one or more of our different themed parties. Once you join the fun you will realize that you are not surrounded by sex maniacs but by regular men and women who are just a bit kinkier than the average person.

Our simple goal is to help you explore your sexuality in a safe and friendly environment, in total anonymity. That's why we encourage everybody to wear a mask at the parties in order to keep their identity to themselves.

The Parties

Some of our parties are for couples and single females only. Some are open only to active people looking for full swap action. Some of them have an age limit and some don't. We also organize other kinds of parties like mixed parties, fetish nights and gangbangs, where select single gentlemen can join as well. Each party category is taking place at a different location, usually in luxurious secluded villas, away from prying eyes and thus securing your privacy. So, leave all your inhibitions and worries at home and come join the fun.

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Party Meter

How it works

Each meter represents the possibility of an event type taking place. When members register the meter goes up. Join us and let the meter take the right course.


XXX Mixed Party

Frequent Event

An exclusive event open only to dedicated select swingers looking for full hardcore action. Basically a literal orgy for couples, single girls and a few select single gentlemen. Not suitable for newcomers.

The Flying Eros Party

Frequent Event

An event open for all couples, single girls and select single gentlemen. There is a mixed area and a couples only area at every party. Newcomers are welcome.


Gangbang Style Party

Frequent Event

An event open to a few couples and single girls looking to have a gangbang experience. A personal room is available for every couple/girl participating to use it as they wish. Single gentlemen are strictly selected and expected to have a lot of fun.

Couples and Single Girls Party (Age limit 35)

Frequent Event

An event for couples and single girls only. Age for single girls and average age for couples is under 35. Newcomers are welcome.



Couples and Single Girls Party (Age limit 49)

Frequent Event

An event for couples and single girls only. Age limit is set to 49. Newcomers are welcome.

Private Parties

On Demand Event

We organize private parties on demand. That includes private gangbangs with our special gangbang team, small group of couples type of gatherings and anything in-between. Only available to verified full members.

Single Girls and Single Guys Party

Rare Event

For the sexually unrestrained and open minded single girls and guys. 50% girls, 50% guys.

Fetish Party

Rare Event

For slaves who want to find a master/mistress and masters/mistresses who want to find a slave.

Upcoming events


    Mystical Club

XXX Mixed Party

Upcoming Event

Join the Guest List: Existing Members Click Here

New Members: Register Here

Date: 2/2/2019

Time: 20:30

Place: Larnaca

The exact address will be known only to participants on the day of the party.

More Info:

A limited exclusive event open for up to 12 couples, single girls and 8 single gentlemen. Single gentlemen are strictly selected. This event is recommended to experienced people who are looking for hardcore action or newcomers who feel 100% ready for active participation. Voyeurism is not allowed. All usual club rules apply. There will be private and public playrooms. Free drinks and light snacks. Dress code, elegant and sexy. Wearing masks is optional.

Membership renewal/Registration deadline Thursday the 31st of January.

Membership contributions:


€60 after the 26/1/19, €50 before the 26/1/19

Single gents: Membership from €75

Single girls: Free











The rules of the game

No means no

Be respectful, don't persist and don't ask why. Everyone is entitled to their own personal preferences and tastes. Always ask before you touch.

Be polite

Rude and aggressive behaviour is not tolerated under any circumstances. That includes shouting in the playrooms, unless it comes from sexual pleasure.


Absolute confidentiality is essential and expected from everyone. All members are strictly prohibited from disclosing any sensitive information about the club or other members to third parties.


All participants should be over 18. You should be 18 to even read this rule.

No prostitution

We don't allow paid sex in the premises of the party.

No drugs

No drugs allowed of any kind. If you are sexually addictive then you are very welcome.

No pictures or videos

Phones and cameras are strictly forbidden at the parties.

Real Couples

Only couples who are in a serious longterm relationship are allowed to join our "couples only" parties. All other couples can join our Mixed or other parties. Professional escorting is not allowed.


Only members of our club get invited to our parties. New members have to successfully go through the registration and verification process in order to be eligible to attend any party. We reserve the right to reject any application.


Not compulsory but if you wish you can wear a mask for extra privacy. No horror or zombie masks please.

Dress to impress

No t-shirts, no trainers, no trousers for the ladies and no cum stains unless the night is over and you were just leaving.


Some people need more privacy than others, so when you see a sign that says "Do not disturb" outside a room, it means exactly that.

Rules are rules

We reserve the right to expel, cancel membership or refuse entry to those who don't abide by the rules of the club.

Play safe

Free condoms for all! It's everyone’s responsibility to check if condoms are properly used and men's duty to change condoms between partners.

Have fun

And please inform us immediately if at any time you see someone breaking any rule.

For your eyes only


The pictures below were taken during some parties with the consent of ALL participants. Please keep in mind that taking pictures or recording videos at our Mystical Club parties is strictly forbidden.

Your membership


Complete the below form in order to become members of our Club.

Please note that in order to get invited to a party you must become members of Mystical Club. In order to become members you must first submit the above registration form and then you must complete the verification process. Once you get approved and verified you will need to activate your membership by sending us your membership donation. The membership fees are according to the table found below and memberships expire after attended party. There is no membership fee for single girls. All our parties are totally free for our members, there is no entrance fee and there is an open bar at every party.

Choose your membership type according to the table below. You can send your membership donation through Bitcoin, using your credit card, through a bank SWIFT transfer or using cash through Paysafecard. We DON'T accept payments at the door of the party venue.


If you would like to send your donation using Paysafecard, then you just have to visit your closest kiosk or supermarket that offers Paysafecard vouchers in Cyprus, get one or more and send us the 16 digit number of the vouchers by email or SMS. A fast, easy and totally anonymous process.

Press here to find your nearest kiosk in Cyprus


Regular At €60

Early Bird At €50

  • Only for couples
  • Club Membership
  • Free invitation to a party
  • Free snacks and drinks at the parties
  • -----
  • Register

Contact us for alternative ways of payment



single gents

From €75

  • Only for single males
  • Club Membership
  • Free invitation to a party
  • Free snacks and drinks at the parties
  • -----
  • Register

All membership packages are available online, to verified single gentlemen, under the Blog section.



Single Girls


  • Only for single girls
  • Club Membership
  • Free invitation to a party
  • Free snacks and drinks at the parties
  • -----
  • Register





Condoms Used

100 %





Get In Touch

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If you need any help, if you have any questions or suggestions just get in touch.


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